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Why wait to start?

The sooner you get started the sooner you will get finished.  United Christian Home School is open year round and students can enroll up any time they are ready.  Usually, home school education students in our teen program continue doing assignments during the summer to get a head start and finish their courses earlier.

There is not set enrollment time. 

Just pick up the phone when you are ready.  The process to enroll at United Christian Home School is quick and easy, and we have a friendly staff to help you answer any questions that you might have.   Numerous students have come back to tell us how glad they are that they chose United Christian Home School to earn a diploma.  Many went on to a public college, completed a degree and are now working in their field of choice.  Other home school education participants attended shorter programs at Houston Community College that certified them with the skills to make more money in a particular field.

We're there for you!

When prospective employers call us, we do verify that you graduated from our school.  When you are ready to enter college we supply an official transcript for you to give to the college.

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